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What does that mean?

It means Writing Packages is only concerned about making affiliates money through converting content.

Every word is specially crafted for one purpose – conversions – and that’s it.

The results speak for themselves, helping countless of our clients reach the top SERPs for their niches that it’s slowly become a standard.

Don’t believe us? 

Read what our clients say about us:

My niches are pretty unconventional, which requires a lot more research than necessary due to health and safety reasons. Needless to say, I’m very impressed by the articles they delivered.

Kries Digital Marketer

I can honestly say, it [content] is the best outsourced content I have ever received.

I ordered a 1,000-word article as a test, sent all the info, the seller came back with a couple of questions (which were great), and I had the content back within 24 hours.

Brilliant service which I will definitely be using again.

Aletissier Affiliate Marketer

I’ve never been more pleased after buying content…Everything was just on point. Communication was super helpful, you can tell that they actually research the subject they are writing on and the style is just what I was looking for. There was a minor hiccup with one article and it was revised in no time.

5/5. I know where I’ll buy my content from now on!

Affiliate Marketing Buying Guides Woman Testimony
Skaru Affiliate Marketer

Usually, I can’t outsource writing because the writers can’t meet my expectations for my personal sites, but the writing I was sent looked so similar to my writing on the sites that I would have no problem with adding their content to my site without worrying.

There wasn’t anything to fix and I believe I can just add the content to myself and add the affiliate links and be set to go!

Jiung Affiliate Marketer

The topic I chose was health-related and not the easiest to write about… but the seller did a great job writing an engaging and well-researched article here. I could easily see this article ranking #1 in Google for its health niche topic…this is the highest quality writing I’ve seen yet, bar none.

ThopHayt Jr. VIP on BHW & Affiliate Marketer

The resulting piece was deeply researched, referenced 6 times and showed that the topic had been delved into and not just rehashed from another site.

Overdelivered on the word count which was good (I hate it when someone says 500 words and stops dead at 500) and there was no fluff and filler in there.

MisterF Moderator on BHW

I ordered from Writing Packages, I can safely say that this is the best writing service I ever ordered from! Every piece delivered was SEO-friendly, unique, engaging; and as a result, my rankings and sessions have skyrocketed!

Joey Krop Digital Marketer

My first order from Writing Packages was so good that I’ve been ordering many articles weekly ever since…Some keywords are already on the 2nd and 3rd page of google. I turned into a long-term buyer and can highly recommend this service!

Wendy Affiliate Marketer

Writing Packages was given a rush job for the review and asked for technical content requiring research. Content provided met the brief perfectly and was of excellent quality.

Apricot Administrator on BHW

I have replaced content which wasn’t converting with theirs and [below] are the results. Around 20th of February visitors also increased, but before that, they were same as in January, the new format increased clicks and conversions.

Dimitar Staykov Affiliate Marketer

Ready to get started?

How does Writing Packages accomplish these feats?


We’ve written hundreds of thousands of words in buying guides, product reviews, and blog posts in virtually every niche. We’ve also studied copywriting, content marketing, writing, SEO and affiliate marketing.

Then, we brought the best principles of these related disciplines together into streamlined formats that are engineered to rank.

The Result? Optimized Affiliate content that makes you more money.

Guaranteed by two things:

Number One

Affiliate Content Labs

The magic happens here. We study, experiment, and innovate new, converting formats that lead the affiliate marketing field.

Number Two

Highly Vetted US & UK Writers

To ensure these results stick, we’ve hand-picked some of the brightest native English writers around to ensure that your content delivery is impeccable.

The result is the highest quality, converting affiliate content you’ll ever find. 

Heard Enough?